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Will MAKOPlasty Surgical Equipment Full Bilateral Hip Replacement Be The Best Choice For My Husband?



It has been a couple of weeks since I spent a couple of hours of my afternoon on an online discount quest. I clicked though numerous websites and found a Valuepak online coupon for $15.00 to use on my overdue oil change, I ordered an Entertainment book for a discounted price of $8.99 (usually $40.00 and included shipping) and I searched numerous sites for the best price on a Nova light weight adjustable cane seat for my husband, David. My husband’s Osteoarthritis has substantial increased in both of his hips.

The orthopedic surgeon confirmed David needs a hip replace. His hip pain came on quickly and became noticeably as I watched him painfully limp with each step. His pain staking steps resembled a duckling waddling down a path trying to keep up with his family.

Before my husband’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon he had tried to find the best alternative treatment to total hip replace surgery. David faithfully went to physical therapy, sought the help of chiropractic treatment and had two epidural injected into his back. Unfortunately, his alternative methods were not successful and he ended up seeking medical advice from a well known, highly creditable orthopedic joint surgeon. The surgeon confirmed that my husband’s duck waddle needed to be replaced with a new hip.

Upon hearing the surgeon’s recommendation for a hip replacement we began to ask questions. How long is the surgery, what is the recovery time and does the surgeon use the MAKO Surgical Corp equipment?

The personable surgeon smiled and replied, two hours, it depends and no we do not use the Mako Medical system. We understood two hours, it depends but we questioned why he did not use MAKO Surgical Corporation, MAKOplasty system. MAKOplasty is an innovatice robotic arm that assist surgeons to achieve precision accuracy during total hip replacement surgery.

The surgeon’s reply why the MAKO surgerical equipment is not incorporated into his hip replacement surgery did not sit right with us. We realized that the MAKOplasty equipment is an investment for a surgery center but we felt the value of this accurate new technology offset the equipment cost.

The humble surgeon did agree that the MAKO Surgical Equipment and a good surgeon are a dynamic combination. My husband and I recognized this talented surgeon is extremely experienced and highly skilled. However, we have a higher comfort level more with an excellent surgeon having an excellent blueprint for accuracy with MAKO Surgical, MAKOplasty.

My husband has decided to move forward his full replacement hip surgery for next month. He has opted to go with an experienced surgeon that has for years implemented the MAKO System. We both feel he has made the right decision choosing the MAKO Surgical equipment, MAKOplasty. We believe that the MAKOPlasty surgical equipment is the best choice for my husband’s bilateral full hip replacement.

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